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Hand Therapy

Odele Stuart has joined Coast Hands at Coast Physio Silverdale, offering a new Hand Therapy service

OdleOdele, with 20 years physiotherapy experience, has been working in the specialty area of Hand Therapy for the past 12 years, working with the Hand Therapy department and Burns Plastics unit at Middlemore Hospital and various private clinics around Auckland. Odele first became involved in Hand Therapy due to voluntary work in a leprosy Hospital in India.

Odele is currently vice-Chair of the Leprosy Mission NZ and has made a commitment to this charity to help eradicate the world of Leprosy. She will be donating $5 to the leprosy Mission for every new patient seen at Coast Hands.
Hand Therapy is focused on assessment and treatment of any functional/activity loss of the upper limb with special focus on the elbow, forearm, wrist, thumb, palm, and fingers. Common injuries we see are post fracture, sprains, nerve injuries (eg:carpal tunnel), tendonopathies (including tennis elbow and de quervains), post surgical repairs (eg: tennis elbow releases, carpal tunnel release, tendon repairs and nerve repairs).

We have splinting materials for making customised splints, casting materials and braces ready to be fitted.

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